Reviews, Rifts, and Russell Crowe

Reviews are starting to roll in for Endless, and as always it’s fun to see how different aspects of the book appeal to different people. RA Brady of The British Fantasy Society found “some quite brilliant writing” (strange how I remember that quote) whilst feeling he had to battle through the start to get there; conversely, Jon Bloch of The Kindle Book Review preferred the beginning sections and wants more of Earth in subsequent books (he might just get his wish).

SciYourFi appeared to like the characters and their development the most, which perhaps chimes best with the reader reactions so far. Most seem to have especially taken to that loveable(?) rogue in the book, Manvedian (a friend recently informed me that he had developed a man-crush on him, which I’m still digesting), with the most amusing comment comparing him to Russell Crowe. I’m not sure either men would approve.

In other news, work is progressing well on the follow-up to Endless, Rifts. I’m a few chapters in, and so far it’s darker, more violent and more challenging. I’m beginning to think someone spiked my coffee.

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