Update: Popes, Rifts, Ugg Boots

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Since I last posted there’s been a new pope, a resurrected David Bowie, and a meteor shower that gave us a taste of the End of Days (turns out it’s quite picturesque). Just in case we’ve got a few years left before our celestial annihilation however, I’ve been busy writing, planning, researching (ask me anything about medieval hydrated lime plasterwork, I dare ye) and generally undertaking a hazardous amount of sitting down as I work on Rifts, the follow up to Endless.

So far it’s proving decidedly larger than the first book. A larger challenge to write, in many ways, and – not unrelatedly – larger in scope and ambition. I also feel it’s bolder, more exciting, and simply more fun – though that’ll be for the foolhardy reader to decide. As an example of that scope: Rifts will include approximately four cities, six countries, three continents, two worlds, and at least fifty exclamations of Godscurseit! Eventually I’ll sneak some excerpts onto this site.

For now, here’s an excellent game of table tennis:

P.S. Comments on the blog have been temporarily disabled due to an inordinate amount of spam – unless fantasy fans have a sudden urge to share the best places to find stylish Ugg boots. Apologies to anyone whose comment has been lost in the reasonably-priced Ugg flood. For now feel free to direct any messages @writingmattbone or mail writingmattbone(at)gmail(dot)com.

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