Matt Bone’s Endless, the first book in the Crescent fantasy series, is out now via Astro Impossible Books.

Earth is dead. Crescent lives.

After an inexplicable catastrophe on Earth, John Bridgeman is left to scrap out a solitary existence, surrounded by bodies and haunted by the girlfriend he cannot allow to die. His headaches are increasingly debilitating. Even his senses are turning against him: amongst the desolate streets is a light which moves as if alive. The onset of insanity, he assumes, and yet… why does he feel like he is being hunted?

John’s fate is entwined with that of Crescent: a world teeming with life both human and supernatural, where Spirit storms rack the skies and rumours of a terrible army in the North have the great nations in unrest. Crescent is John’s only chance to rediscover the bonds of life and love, but this perilous yet extraordinary world could also lead him to lose everything all over again.

Praise for Endless:

“You’ll be suitably rewarded with some quite brilliant writing.” – British Fantasy Society

A wonderful fantasy… a joy to read.” – Fantasy Book Review (Book of the Month, December 2012)

“There are few really good epic adventures released these days, and [Crescent] seems poised to become one.” – The SF Site

“Fans of the fantasy series genre should not overlook this book.” – Kindle Book Review

“All the characters had a deep history, their own unique story.” – SciYourFi

“The world of Crescent is huge and full of wonders.” – Rising Shadow

“The prose is intelligent and crisp, the plot is multilayered and complex, and the fantasy world of Crescent drips with history.” – The Indiscriminate Critic

“The book is beautifully written… From the start I was completely immersed in Endless.” – The LL Book Review