A Quick Update…

…to blow away the dust that seems especially attracted to this blog. Work on Rifts, the sequel to Endless, is continuing at full tilt – hence the relative quiet on here, as well as my truancy from the Outside World. Contrary to my best efforts, the book seems determined to end up longer and more complex than its predecessor. (Don’t worry; I’ll get my own back in the editing – or what I like to call the word murder – stage.) I’m probably breaking writer-character confidentiality to say it, but one of the new protagonists is fast becoming my favourite yet.

In other news, Endless should be available in paperback form this summer. If I may say so, the physical version of the artwork is shaping up to be even lovelier, especially with the extra cover space. Expect a lot more news on this front – including a release date, giveaways, and no doubt a photo of me clutching said paperback like a newborn – in the coming weeks and months. In further ‘watch this space’ news, I plan to release a short sci-fi story in digital form at some point in the near future. It’s not set in space, else I would’ve made a ‘watch this outer space’ pun here. Lucky escape.

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