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Witanlore PCGamesN Interview

Along with working on the sequel to Endless (more on that in a mo), recently I’ve been writing for the splendid Druid Gameworks, a video games developer based in the US, and their upcoming RPG Witanlore: Dreamtime. I’ve been writing

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Writing Process Blog Tour

I’ve been kindly invited by the author and poet Fiona Pearse to take part in the Writing Process blog tour, which leaves me with even less excuse not to clear the dust from this blog of mine. Find my answers

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A bit of speech therapy

What’s this? Another blog update? But it’s barely been four months and a royal baby since the last post! I hear you cry. Admittedly, I might not be the most prolific of bloggers. Instead I’ve been spending the time writing

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Update: Popes, Rifts, Ugg Boots

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Since I last posted there’s been a new pope, a resurrected David Bowie, and a meteor shower that gave us a taste of the End of Days (turns out it’s quite picturesque).

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Book of the month & Sandy anthology

I’m very pleased to report that Endless is now up as book of the month at Fantasy Book Review. It’s currently quivering alongside the excellent likes of Brent Weeks, Lou Morgan, Andrez Bergen, and, surreally enough, Mikhail Bulgakov’s Russian masterpiece,

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Endless reviewed by Fantasy Book Review

The fine folks over at Fantasy Book Review have posted a 9/10 review of Endless. It will also be a book of the month for December. Suffice to say, a certain site just made my Christmas card list. You can

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Goodreads Giveaway

There’s a giveaway for the upcoming paperback edition of Endless currently running over at Goodreads. It’s had an excellent response, with over 500 entries already. You can enter via the widget below (and for extra brownie points, you can also

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A Quick Update…

…to blow away the dust that seems especially attracted to this blog. Work on Rifts, the sequel to Endless, is continuing at full tilt – hence the relative quiet on here, as well as my truancy from the Outside World.

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C is for Crescent

I’m taking part in the blogging A-Z April challenge today, with a post on world building over at Indie Book Blog. You can read C is for Crescent here (warning: numerous bad jokes within).

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Reviews, Rifts, and Russell Crowe

Reviews are starting to roll in for Endless, and as always it’s fun to see how different aspects of the book appeal to different people. RA Brady of The British Fantasy Society found “some quite brilliant writing” (strange how I

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