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C is for Crescent

I’m taking part in the blogging A-Z April challenge today, with a post on world building over at Indie Book Blog. You can read C is for Crescent here (warning: numerous bad jokes within).

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Reviews, Rifts, and Russell Crowe

Reviews are starting to roll in for Endless, and as always it’s fun to see how different aspects of the book appeal to different people. RA Brady of The British Fantasy Society found “some quite brilliant writing” (strange how I

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Indiscriminate Critic Interview

Book review blog Indiscriminate Critic were kind (or foolish) enough to interview me recently, which is now up on their site here. Take a peek to find me wittering on about Endless, Rifts, and tying muses to desks.

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Ashes in Friction Magazine

The lovely people at Friction Magazine have published one of my (older) short stories, Ashes, in their latest issue. It can be viewed online here. (The brilliantly titled Gilles Deleuze Becomes a Tic is also worth a peek.) Keep an

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The Interpreter’s House & Flash

The latest issue of literary magazine The Interpreter’s House is currently sitting on my desk, and looking very fine it is too. Seventy-five pages of poetry with a few short stories sprinkled between – one of which is my own,

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Her Science in Staccato Fiction

My short story Her Science has just been published in Staccato Fiction. You can read it here:

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Inside The Interpreter’s House

One of my recent short stories, The Plot, will be featuring in the next edition (#47) of the literary magazine The Interpreter’s House. The Oxford-based publication has been printing poetry and short stories for over fifteen years, and is available

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